The Feral Lady || An Introduction

Well hello there! Welcome. Take a seat.  My name’s Hannah – I’m the one who thought this blog might be a good idea. I work for an independent outdoor retailer called Trekitt (look us up, we are pretty rad). I’ve been there for almost a year, during which time I have had the privilege of meeting some pretty incredible women – all looking to make their way into outdoor sport (be it through hiking, or climbing, or trail running). For me, that’s the best part about my job, the “where are you going?” “What can I do to help you achieve that?” “What made you think about X as a new venture?” “What training are you doing?” “What do you plan on eating?” “Lady, what questions do you have for me?” – That discussion that could ultimately lead to someone turning a day dream into an exciting hobby that takes you all over the world. I’ve found that the things we talk about – gear, hygiene, boots, dogs, careers, mountains – they all seem to make a difference. Not just to the ladies themselves, but on myself too.


So I thought I’d try bringing the discussion to a wider audience – hello internet! The aim is to educate, inspire, talk about the things you’ve never had the guts to ask (like, what do you do if you get your period halfway through a multi-day hike?) – The topic is broad, and we have plenty of time to talk about it.


So, a little bit about me? I’m 26 years old. I climb almost every day and hike through the Black Mountains in Wales (that’s where I live) on my ‘rest’ days. Occasionally, I also take my paraglider out when the weather is working (and I am not). I live off lots of good coffee, green tea, noodle bowls and fruit cake. I live with my partner Jamie and our 11 year old Jack Russell, Millie. I have Cystic Fibrosis – but as long as I’m taking my tablets and exercising on the regular, then it doesn’t affect my day to day life whatsoever. If anything, it’s a blessing. It makes me look after myself and I always make a point of being grateful for everything in my life.


Well, I think that’ll do for now. So let’s get started – The first blog is a three part blog on walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path. It’s a cracker (although, I would think that, wouldn’t I?).

Until next time ladies


P.s If there’s anything you would like to discuss, or like me to expand on then please pop me an email at – I would love to hear off you!

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