Mend our Mountains: Make One Million Campaign by the BMC

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Today’s blog is being dedicated to something very close to my heart and something that, due to working for Trekitt,  will hopefully become a much more prominent feature in my life (and probably on here too!). I’m assuming you read my blog because you too share a love for the outdoors so whether you’re a UK a resident or you just have a quiet love for the landscapes found in our collection of phenomenal National Parks, then this is a project you’re going to want to know about.

The project, headed up by the BMC is called Mend our Mountains: Make One Million – a campaign that aims to raise £1 million in total for a range of vital path repair projects within Britain’s 15 National Parks. Hopefully, over the next few paragraphs, I’ll be able to do the project justice and share with you why Trekitt decided to get on board (all of the links to donate to the project can be found at the bottom of this page).


What is Mend Our Mountains?

It’s a call to action, a shout out saying “Hey! We need you!”, an opportunity to help and get involved with a project that gives back to the mountains and the hills that are so important to our health and wellbeing. More than ever, people are realising the benefit of leaving their concrete jungles and immersing themselves in nature. The benefits to our lungs, legs and mental health is immeasurable, but when we’re slogging our way up Snowdon in the pouring rain, or we join a group of friends for a sunset hike up Pen y Fan, or we’re pushing ourselves on the final stretch of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, do we ever stop to think about the paths, bridleways and bridges? 



The Problem

The truth is, these are far more vulnerable than many of us realise. As visitor numbers rise these paths are taking more of a beating than ever before and are now suffering heavily with erosion. Erosion scars can grow up to 30 metres wide on the most popular paths and can be clearly seen from miles away.


Well-made, sensitively constructed paths that aid in water runoff and are able to take a beating from years and years worth of avid mountain goers are the answer. The work needed to build these paths is a combined effort of skilled labour and the challenge of getting heavy materials to remote locations which ends up being a very expensive task indeed. For example, it costs approximately £28,000 to maintain just one kilometre of the 40-kilometre route of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and many UK paths are eroding faster than they can be repaired. 



But money, as it always is, is getting much tighter. In recent years the National Parks have faced budget cuts of up to 40%, and much upland path work falls outside the responsibility of local authorities. So what can we do?

The Solution

Well, that’s why this project is so damn exciting (and REALLY needed!), together we can all put in a little something and make a huge difference. Mend our Mountains: Make One Million is asking everyone to take a little bit of responsibility and put back into the mountains we love so much.

The appeal is not the first of it’s kind, in the spring of 2016 the BMC ran their first Mend Our Mountains campaign which aimed to raise £100,000 through crowdfunding. The project ended up raising £103,832 giving the BMC the vital funds needed to allow them to carry out work such as the very successful rebuild on the Ringing Roger path on Kinder Scout in the Peak District. You can read more about the amazing work that was done after the first campaign here.


Now, they are aiming to raise ten times that amount, taking their appeal to £1 million in total for a range of vital projects within the UK’s 15 National Parks.

What is Trekkit’s involvement?

As soon as we heard about this project we wanted to get on board – the mountains are at our very core; everything we do, film, photograph, sell and talk about in our free time revolves around the mountains. We are a team of climbers, runners, walkers, bikers and campers all with a love for the outdoors that runs deep into our bones.


We jumped at the opportunity to become one of the main sponsors for the campaign and, after a few talks, decided to also become a specific project sponsor for the Bal Mawr Project. Bal Mawr sits on the Western side of Llanthony in the Black Mountains and is one of our favourite spots for a day out. It’s only a 40-minute drive from our home base in Hereford and has, on more than one occasion, been one of our meet up points for events and staff get-togethers. It seemed like the obvious choice. 


We kicked off our sponsorship by donating a raffle prize consisting of a load of Gucci kit to spice up your hillwalking and outdoor life. The raffle is running in conjunction with National Parks week and only costs £2 a ticket. As they say “you’ve got to be in it to win it” so by purchasing a ticket you’ll be in with a chance to win £1000 worth of cool kit. The prize bundle consists of:

  • Mountain Equipment Janak Jacket
  • Lowe Alpine Aeon 35 pack
  • Black Diamond Trail Pro Poles
  • MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
  • Black Diamond Couloir Harness
  • Black Diamond Half Dome helmet
  • Exped Fold Drybag Ultralite set XS-L
  • Black Diamond Storm Headlamp
  • Lifesystems Mountain First Aid Kit
  • DMM Pivot belay device
  • Lifesystems 2 man survival shelter
  • Wildo Camp-A-Box Dinnerware set
  • DMM Ceros Screwgate

I’ve already bought two tickets! Sound like something you want in on? You can buy your tickets and read up some more on National Parks Week here.


*The raffle is only on for a week from this post, but keep an eye out for future raffles and fundraising events!

How can you help?

Help us reach £1 million! As promised, here are all the links to donate to this phenomenal project:

Donate to the Bal Mawr Project:

Donate to all the National Parks:

Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win the bundle featured above:

A link to Trekitt’s blog site where you can follow all their posts on this event:

A link to see all the work carried out after the first Mend Our Mountains Campaign:


Thanks for tuning in this week guys. If you have any questions then fire them my way! Speak to you next week.


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